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I offer guidance and clarification to men and their partners who are often at a loss when faced with the challenging and emotional decisions that surround the prevention, detection and treatment of prostate diseases.

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  • Cancer – Not Part of The Plan
  • What Men Don’t Know
  • A New Approach for Men & Partners
  • A Call That Can Calm Fear and Anxiety

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Not Always The “Good Cancer” Men Live With

  • Get Ahead of Cancer
  • Know the Warning Signs and Options
  • Impact on Your Partners
  • Meet Men Who Asked for Help

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My Personal Prostate Cancer Story

  • Initial Diagnosis & Surgery
  • When Cancer Returns
  • Moving Forward
  • My 8 Week Journey

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Help me educate men on the importance of being actively engaged in their personal health. Anything less puts men and their families at emotional and financial risk.

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