Meet the Prostate Cancer Coach

Dennis Golden, the Prostate Cancer CoachTo those who know me, I am a son, father, husband, grandfather, coach, educator, and family provider and protector. Now I am a two-time prostate cancer survivor.

I hold a master’s degree in social communications from New York University. And have 40+ years of experience as a marketing executive, consultant, author and professional speaker. My wife says it keeps me out of trouble.

While women openly discuss breast cancer awareness, men tend to retreat into silence and denial when facing any prostate issue. With over 3 million American men currently living with prostate cancer and almost 200,000 new cases every year why is there silence?

Like most men, I believed prostate cancer was the “good cancer” that men live with. I was wrong and soon discovered it is the second leading cause of death of thousands of men behind lung cancer. With so much misinformation out there, I decided it was time to make a difference.

In 2014, I founded the National Prostate Cancer Awareness Foundation. The single mission of the Foundation is to raise national awareness about the hidden dangers of undiagnosed prostate cancer. While 90% of women and their partners are aware of breast cancer’s warning signs, only 40% of men know the warning signs for prostate cancer. The Foundation’s goal is to increase awareness levels to 80%.

Then recognizing the strong bond men can forge when facing a common threat, I launched The Prostate Cancer Coach in 2018 with the full support and cooperation of the National Prostate Cancer Awareness Foundation. Our joint goal is to engage men and their partners in one-on-one personal conversations where they are free to explore, ask questions and learn from someone who has walked the uncertain path of prostate cancer before them.

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