I decided on doing surgery.

John K. B.While on the wait list for a heart transplant, I needed to undergo a series of routine tests including a PSA test. Results of which showed my numbers were higher. A follow-up biopsy revealed cancer and the need to treat my prostate cancer first.

I met Dennis, heard his story and slowly began to feel more comfortable about what I might expect.

Later on, Dennis and I met with other men in our support group and spoke about the importance of speaking with first-degree relatives (son, father, brother, sister or daughter) about a prostate cancer diagnosis. Why? It’s possible a close relative might share the same BRCA 1 or 2 genes – increasing their risk of developing either prostate or breast cancer. After my son and I spoke, he decided a baseline PSA test in his 40’s was a good idea. By the way, I decided on doing surgery.

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