I figured it was not worth my time to bother.

Dennis SIt came as a TOTAL SURPRISE! I am talking with my urologist about a kidney stone reoccurrence and he asks when I had my last PSA test. Turns out it had been years due to all of the unknowns surrounding the test. I figured it was not worth my time to bother. I do a new test and hear nothing. Have the typical guy reaction no news is good news! A few weeks later I get called to schedule another test. Last score was 8.2. The latest one is 8.4. No one says much. It’s time to find a new urologist. He discovers my high-risk prostate cancer. I swallow hard and opt for surgery.

My advice to young guys – get a baseline PSA test. Check it every few years. Wake-up and become proactive when it comes to your health. Remember your test scores, it can save your life.

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