Warning signs for early stage prostate cancer were unknown to me.

Jerry SMy trip down the rabbit hole began when the urologist said, “I don’t have good news for you and your wife.” I go home thinking – get my will and papers in order. Like my dad who had prostate cancer years earlier, I opted for radiation therapy along with hormone therapy.

Laboring over the many previous decisions I made in life is not my thing. That said at the time of my diagnosis, the warning signs for early stage prostate cancer were unknown to me.

Although not qualified to offer advice to men, it’s important for men and younger men in particular to take an active role in their lives. Be engaged in every aspect of your mental and physical wellbeing. You are not indestructible. Ignore any advice that says you don’t need to do a PSA test especially if you have inherited the BRCA 1/2 gene mutations.

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