Men’s Health – Taboo Topics

Prostate cancer, BPH, and testicular cancer, all rank high on the scale of forbidden, do not discuss, male taboo health topics. While women speak openly about health issues, men remain hesitant to take any action when it comes to their physical health or emotional well being. Most of the time men will ignore a health issue until it is too late to be easily treated, or they will wait until it causes an emergency…or death.

According to our cultural standards, men are supposed to be self-reliant. If this is true why do men view calling on the expertise of trained medical professionals for information and treatment as something to be ignored and resisted. Statistics show that in terms of overall general health – approximately 20% of men 18 and older are in poor health.

A close acquaintance recently lost his life after deciding there was no need to take the prescribed course of antibiotics for an ear infection. The infection soon spread to his brain and took his life.

Another fellow ignored a minor foot injury until the resulting infection required hospitalization, multiple surgeries and months of rehabilitation. Draw your own conclusions, but chances are you know any number of men (perhaps you?) who simply will not seek out medical advice when it can be most helpful.

While no known genetic link appears to exist, keeping quiet about problems is more pronounced in males. That said, the principles surrounding men’s health are not fixed in stone. Diseases are simply ailments or conditions that can be treated. Ignoring them due to false male pride often causes more trouble than it’s worth.

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