The Prostate – What You Need To Know

It’s been called the most troublesome gland in the male body and it often forces men to make a lot of uncomfortable decisions. Prostate issues such as infections can often begin when a man becomes sexually active. As men age, concerns often turn to difficulty with erections, pain, urine flow, and cancer.

Due to its location in the body, the prostate is difficult to examine and treat. If that were… Read More »

PSA – Should You Be Screened?

There is no clear-cut answer but consider this: a routine blood test is simply that – routine. You visit a doctor or lab and have blood drawn. A few days later, your MD will discuss the results.

The prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test simply looks at the level of protein in your blood that is being produced by your prostate. It is not a test for cancer. To test for cancer,… Read More »

Prevent Cancer – Why Older Men Get in Trouble

It’s a fact. Women generally outlive men by 5 years or more. The reason they do so is because they visit doctors more often, they share more information and engage in dialogue with other women who may be facing similar circumstances.

Men in general, and older men in particular, tend not to be as aware or engaged in their health as women when it comes to nutrition and. As a… Read More »

Prostate Concerns? – Talk with The Coach

I chat with a lot of men and their partners about prostate concerns ranging from bedroom issues, cancer and BPH, to prostate infections. Many have been doing research for weeks, months and years but are at a standstill. They are often unable to decide what to do next and are not ready or willing to visit with a physician.

Prostate issues impact men on physical, emotional and sexual levels. Typically,… Read More »

Men’s Health – Taboo Topics

Prostate cancer, BPH, and testicular cancer, all rank high on the scale of forbidden, do not discuss, male taboo health topics. While women speak openly about health issues, men remain hesitant to take any action when it comes to their physical health or emotional well being. Most of the time men will ignore a health issue until it is too late to be easily treated, or they will wait until… Read More »

PSA Testing – Men Don’t Get It

The Below The Belt Challenge

Overall men are typically reluctant to visit a doctor.  If and when they decide to show up for the “dreaded encounter” most resist the prostate cancer screen.

Two of the initial screenings done for prostate cancer are a PSA blood test and a rectal exam. Privately men admit that a rectal examination — using a doctor’s finger — is invasive, embarrassing and will go to… Read More »

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