Prevent Cancer – Why Older Men Get in Trouble

It’s a fact. Women generally outlive men by 5 years or more. The reason they do so is because they visit doctors more often, they share more information and engage in dialogue with other women who may be facing similar circumstances.

Men in general, and older men in particular, tend not to be as aware or engaged in their health as women when it comes to nutrition and. As a result, and to a greater degree, men do not realize the significant impacts fruit and vegetable consumption can have on their lives now and over the long haul.

The World Health Organization notes that a diet high in vegetables and fruit may go a long way to prevent many age-related diseases such as prostate cancer, heart disease and stroke. In fact, the low incident rates of prostate cancer worldwide often dovetail with nations where the consumption of meat and meat products is significantly lower than in the U.S and Eastern Europe. While no one can draw specific conclusions from this observation, cutting consumption of meat may be worth considering.

While we have been told about the importance of eating fruit and vegetables since we were kids, a recent survey done by the Center for Disease Control found that less than 20% of adults eat the correct amount of 5 servings a day.

The National Cancer Institute tells us that fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of vitamin C, carotenoids, flavonoids and fiber. All appear to help with the lowering cholesterol, reducing blood pressure, and managing weight loss. Nothing negative there. You can start a healthy eating program today. The question is… Will you take this step for your health and specifically the long-term health of your prostate?

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