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I chat with a lot of men and their partners about prostate concerns ranging from bedroom issues, cancer and BPH, to prostate infections. Many have been doing research for weeks, months and years but are at a standstill. They are often unable to decide what to do next and are not ready or willing to visit with a physician.

Prostate issues impact men on physical, emotional and sexual levels. Typically, men are concerned with any admission they are experiencing issues with erections, passing urine or having difficulty with starting a urine flow – it might suggest they are less masculine.

There is no such thing as making purely logical decisions based on hard facts when it comes to men’s health. Every decision we make, we do as emotional humans who rely on emotions and intuition first. We then add in a smattering of facts and data. To that end, it just makes sense to speak with other men who – have walked the emotional path of prostate challenges.

Chances are you have heard someone say to you: “Just make up your mind” That’s easy to say but when a man is concerned about male issues, it’s hard to tell if he is dealing with indecision, gathering facts or facing fear. While the best decisions are often made when surrounded by data and facts, there comes a time when you and perhaps your partner just need to sit down with someone for a casual talk. It’s for that very reason The Prostate Cancer Coach was formed and is now supported by The National Prostate Cancer Awareness Foundation.

To that end our coaches offer guidance and clarification to men and their partners who are often at a loss when faced with the challenging and emotional decisions that surround the prevention, detection and treatment of prostate diseases.

The good news is that as humans we all possess the capacity to know things without consciously reasoning out every detail. Gut feeling is real, and we all rely on it every day. Chances are pretty good that a call to The Prostate Cancer Coach call can help you clarify information and better understand the many choices and options that lie ahead.

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