Diet and Prostate Cancer

While no definitive proof can be found that diet impacts prostate health, there is clear and apparent evidence worldwide that prostate cancer rates are significantly lower in countries where men consume more fruit, vegetables and fish vs. the consumption of red and processed meats.

A recent study appearing in the April 2019 Annals of Internal Medicine noted that adequate intakes of vitamins K and A along with the minerals magnesium, zinc and copper found in real foods vs supplements appear to be associated with lower death rates. It was also noted that excess calcium intake via supplements appears to be associated with higher risks of cancer deaths. Sadly many men continue to presume they are indestructible and are immune when it comes to disease. For many men diet is at best, a passing concern. Few realize that nutrients from real food in conjunction with healthy eating can help men live longer.

If you have a family history of prostate cancer or if a female member of your family has breast cancer you may be well advised to look at ways to incorporate plant based foods and fish into your diet. The popular Mediterranean, DASH and MIND diets all serve up a range of foods that include whole fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and lean sources of protein along with healthy sources of fat such as those found in nuts and olive oil.

Like it or not what you consume impacts your personal health over the long haul. A change in diet is most beneficial if you make a commitment early on. Unfortunately many men still chose to ignore the long game in favor of consuming “real man food” along with adult beverages.

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